The most expensive furs in the world. TOP-5 fur coats known all over the world

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Fur has always held a special place in human life: it protected primitive people from the cold, served as a payment method in trade, and itself was a valuable commodity. Later, it acquired the status of jewelry and began to be valued as worth its weight in gold. Fur is no less popular today. A sable or mink coat not only warms its owners but also testifies to their status. Despite the active speeches of fighters for the protection of animals and the widespread popularization of artificial fur, fur will always be fashionable and in demand.

Самые дорогие меха мир

Furs known all over the world

Today, the list of the most expensive furs includes:

  • The fur of the Barguzin sable. Its only supplier is Russia. Especially appreciated for its lightness, density, and beauty of color. The color of rich coffee with bluish-gray on the tips of the hairs gives the fur a unique silky sheen. An important indicator is its thermal properties and durability. Subject to the basic rules of caring for a fur coat made of this fur, it will be able to serve for 20 seasons. Its relatives from Yakutia, Kamchatka, and the Amur and Yenisei regions are also very popular in the world market. However, the leading positions remain with Barguzinsky.
  • The fur of the vicuna is a species of llama with a warm, thick, and silky coat. However, fur coats from it are practically not found, but the woolen fabric is highly valued, which retains all the positive properties of fur.
  • Lynx fur. A very rare species with amazing color. The greatest value is the fur of the animal’s abdomen with distinct dark spots. Most often it is used only for finishing outerwear, fur coats are almost never found.
  • Chinchilla fur is a three-centimeter layer of fluff, famous for its lightness, silkiness, and density. The color is incredibly beautiful: from dark gray to snow-white with a bluish-smoky overflow.
  • Mink fur. Most popular because of its lightness, durability, and practicality. A fur coat with a high undercoat and long hair is prized. Moreover, perfectly lends itself to processing: painting, cutting, plucking, bleaching, laser processing. Fur coats are distinguished by sophistication and elegance. The most valuable is the American mink fur – Blackglama (“black diamond”).