The most popular countries to buy a fur coat

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Natural fur coats always find their fans and many women dream of a beautiful high-quality fur coat. In recent years, it has become especially popular to purchase fur products, and especially fur coats, abroad. What is the reason for this? This trend is explained by a number of factors, including lower prices for fur coats abroad, a wider assortment, the availability of exclusive models, a higher quality of fur coats, etc. However, in this case, the question arises, in which countries to buy a fur coat, if you are interested, for example, in a high-quality fur coat made of sable, mink, and other furs? So, at present, some travel agencies even arrange special fur coats tours, where you can buy a fur coat in the country you are interested in.

популярные страны для покупки шубы

The most popular countries for buy a fur coat:

1. China. In this country, fur coats are mainly purchased in one of two cities: Beijing or Urumqi. At the same time, in the city of Urumqi, there is the famous Benjan market, where you can buy a fur coat. However, it should be remembered that the quality of a fur coat is not always the best here, and there are also difficulties in communicating with local sellers. The city of Beijing attracts with its famous Yabalou market, where you can buy a much higher quality fur coat, as well as the opportunity to visit local attractions and admire the capital of China.

2. Italy is not only the most famous country for its many different attractions, as well as a country of excellent wine and olive oil, but also one of the main centers of trade in the world. You can buy the necessary fur coat here in such famous cities as the capital of Italy – Rome, Florence, and Milan, as well as in the neighboring small country of San Marino. There is a huge number of boutiques from famous fashion houses, as well as warehouses and stocks.

3. Greece is also considered one of the most popular countries for buying fur coats, although it is one of the hottest countries in Europe. It is better to buy a fur coat here in cities such as Athens, Kastoria, and Halkidiki. It is best to buy fur coats here in shops that are located at factories.

4. The UAE is also a well-known country for the production of fur coats, although there are no farms for raising the corresponding animals. It is best to buy a fur coat in the UAE in one of the richest cities in the east – the city of Dubai. Here you can buy fur coats from the best world manufacturers, and much cheaper than in the country in which it was made.