How to choose a fox fur coat?

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Where to start?

First, decide on the place of purchase of a fur coat. This should be a branded fur shop selling quality products. Do not fall for the tricks of dubious resellers and sellers on the market who offer natural fur coats at a very low price. Pay attention to the price, as a high-quality arctic fox fur coat is quite expensive.

How to choose a fox fur coat

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that any branded fur salon is obliged to submit documents for a fur product. Usually, this is a certificate of conformity, which indicates:

  • name of the fur from which it is produced;
  • date of purchase of a fur coat from the manufacturer;
  • place of purchase of a fur coat;
  • government and technical compliance;
  • stamp and signature of the manufacturer.

In the event that there is no certificate, but you really liked the fur coat, pay attention to the label, which indicates the composition, size, care recommendations in the form of special icons and product manufacturer.

In addition, you can search for information about the manufacturer on the Internet and read reviews. These actions will protect you from buying a poor-quality product. Moreover, recently well-known manufacturers have attached a chip to a fur coat, by the number of which you can find all information about a fur product on the Internet.

Fur Assessment

In order to assess the quality of fur, it is not necessary to contact a specialist. You can do the assessment yourself. The pile of the arctic fox should be long and smooth if you see creases or bald spots on the fur coat – this is a sign of a poor-quality product. Next, run your palm against the fur “against the grain”, in a good product all the hairs will immediately fall into place and look as if they were not touched. And also part the fur and carefully examine the undercoat, it should be even and thick.

It is also important to inspect all problem areas of a fur coat: sleeves, armpits, pockets, this is where the fur wipes off the fastest . Take the fur coat in your hands and shake it well, if the fur sprinkles on the floor, this is a poor-quality product.

After checking the fur, inspect the seams. The lines should be even, the skins should fit snugly together. There should be no protruding threads, bald patches, fur visible from the inside on the seams. Run your hand over the skin between the fur and the lining. If it is even, soft and smooth, the manufacturer has complied with all the conditions for processing the skins.

Model selection

When you choosing a fur coat, it is also important to decide on the model and choose the one that suits you. for example, shortened models or a transformer fur coat may be more suitable for young girls. If you don’t like to wear a hat in winter, a fur coat with a hood is a great option. For frequent driving trips, the autolady style is suitable. Also, pay attention to the sleeve model. Remember that a flared sleeve is less comfortable than a straight one, in addition, you will need long gloves under it and under the sleeve ¾.

Fur coat color

All fur products are divided into two types: with natural fur color and dyed fur. According to manufacturers, the natural shade is better, it fades more slowly in the sun, looks more natural, has a pleasant shine. Plus, a painted polar fox coat has only one – a large palette of shades. In all other respects, a dyed fur coat is inferior to a natural one.

How to recognize a defective product?

Signs of a poor-quality fur coat:

  • creases, bald spots on the fur;
  • flowing fur;
  • protruding threads from seams;
  • rough and uneven skin of the product;
  • unevenly colored fur;
  • lining tightly sewn to the fur coat;
  • no tags or labels.