How to extend the life of a sable fur coat?

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Sable fur coats are considered one of the highest quality and most durable. They are worn for many seasons. But you need to consider – in order to prolong the well-groomed appearance, the product needs proper care. In this article, we will give recommendations to owners of sable fur coats for preserving fur coats for a long time without losing their properties and appearance.


Tips for caring for a sable fur coat

    1. Protect the product from prolonged exposure to sunlight. This is the first condition that must be observed when having sable fur coat. Ultraviolet light has an extremely negative effect on natural materials, so you should not hang a fur coat by the window. If you are exposed to rain or sleet, do not use any heating appliances such as hair dryers or radiators to dry. They will only ruin the fur. The fur coat should dry at room temperature. Just gently shake off any moisture beforehand.
    2. Smooth the garment regularly with a soft brush. However, be careful not to have any sharp corners or edges that could damage the fur or flesh (leather lining) … Attention! Never try to iron a fur coat with an iron, even from the inside. Also, do not roll the product, as this may cause wrinkling. When it’s finished, hang the coat on a hanger, place it in a special storage bag, add the moth repellent and hide it in the closet.
    3. It is strictly forbidden to keep the fur in polyethylene. This is due to the fact that polyethylene is not able to provide the required temperature conditions. Fur can lose its luster, become faded and brittle. It is advisable to use canvas bags. Before putting the product in the closet, it is advisable to clean it in gentle ways, for example, with a mixture of vodka and water in equal proportions. You can also use a weak solution of ammonia. If you are not sure that you will be able to get rid of the dirt, it is better to have the product dry cleaned. Illiterate care can lead to much bigger problems.

These are the basic guidelines for caring for sable fur coats. With the help of them, you will extend the life of your fur coat and it will delight you for several years.

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