Features of chinchilla fur

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Chinchilla products have good properties and are appreciated by consumers. Chinchilla fur is truly the most unique type of fur. It has a particularly interesting color. Some even consider it to be the most interesting color used for sewing clothes.

In vivo, chinchillas are most often found in the highlands of the Andes of South America. Chinchilla fur has a number of features and advantages that allow it to be classified as an elite product. These include:

  • Chinchilla pile has high elasticity and at the same time retains maximum softness and tenderness.
  • Chinchilla fur coats have an original color – the dark gray back smoothly passes to the bluish-gray sides, and then, to the white abdomen.
  • This color palette gives each model a personality.

Chinchilla products are practically weightless. At the same time, fur coats protect their owner from winter frosts and piercing wind.
When choosing a chinchilla fur coat, it should be borne in mind that the fur of this animal is very fragile and requires a delicate attitude. Such products are best used for publication, and for everyday use, choose more practical products.

Features of the quality of the skin

Especially appreciated in the manufacture of products:

• skin, in which chinchillas have fur with a more elastic pile (on the fur, finger pressure marks disappear immediately);
• color contrast. The higher it is, the more valuable the skin is. Animals with a black back and a snow-white abdomen are especially appreciated by specialists.

Fashionable styles of chinchilla fur coats

Shortened models
Chinchilla looks great in cropped jackets, jackets and sheepskin coats. Models usually have a wide sleeve to the elbow or ¾. Long gloves made of black genuine leather will be an ideal complement to such products.

Elongated styles
A cloak or short fur coat is a piece of clothing that can rightfully be called a precious piece of jewelry. To complement the luxury and aristocracy of elongated models, such design techniques as a diagonal fur layout, a neat stand-up collar or a turn-down collar allow.

Features of chinchilla fur