How to check the quality of sable fur?

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With the onset of cold weather, most people think about buying warm and high-quality outerwear. For example, a sable fur coat is a great solution. Products made from this fur look very attractive.

A sable fur coat is a luxurious option that can emphasize the status of the owner. It is important to make sure that the fur is of good quality before buying. How to do this must be described in detail.

качество соболиного меха

Helpful hints

First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the dressing. If the skins of the sable have been processed in an artisanal way, then the fur will have an unpleasant odor. It appears due to the residual fat that was not removed during the dressing. Such products will be very short-lived and will quickly lose their attractive appearance. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the fur coat has a normal smell.

Also, inspect the pile of the product. It should be flat, lying neatly in one direction. The sable fur is silky, pleasant to the touch, and has an attractive sheen. It’s good if you have the opportunity to touch the product and examine the undercoat. It should be quite thick and dense, and the subcutaneous part should be light.

Gently grab the fur in several places and gently pull the fur towards you, and then shake the product. During this procedure, you should not have any pieces that have fallen out in your hand. Crumpled areas of high-quality sable fur will self-level even with gentle shaking. The hairs remaining on the hand serve as a sign that the raw material was obtained during the molting period of the animal. Such products are not very durable.

It is worth checking if the surface of the fur is dyed. Run it with a damp cloth or tissue. If traces of dye do not appear on the fabric, then this is a fairly high-quality product. There is another easy test for checking fur. Blow on him. If the base is visible at the same time, then this indicates that the skin is too stretched. Products of this type will quickly lose their presentable appearance. In addition, it should be understood that high-quality sable fur cannot be too cheap.