Advantages of a mink coat

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Mink coats do not leave indifferent any connoisseur of natural fur coats. The main advantages of a mink fur coat are that such a fur coat is not only warm but also elegant and durable. For more than half a century, mink fur coats are considered for girls and women a classic type of outerwear for putting on and wearing on cold winter days.

Преимущества шубы из норки

In this century, wives of oligarchs and stars of show business wear mink coats, but the cost of such clothes is within the means and the representatives of the middle class. On sale, there are both black and brown fur coats, as well as products of all colors of the rainbow.

The main advantages of a mink fur coat:

First of all, the main advantage of a mink fur coat is its excellent appearance. Fur gives a sense of luxury, retains warmth, and goes well with clothes of different styles and styles. Choosing the right handbag and shoes will not be difficult based on personal taste and preference.

In addition, a blue mink fur coat looks even more refined and noble, winning the love of a woman for a long time. Fur is easy to care for, it is not heavy, always soft with a delicate sheen. It will never go out of fashion and will be considered a sign of nobility, high status. A dense undercoat will help not to freeze in severely cold weather, to stay warm during frosts.

It should be noted that genuine mink fur shines effectively in the sun and warms well on cold winter days. Fur coats made from this material have not gone out of fashion for many decades. And although mink fur coats are not available for some women at the cost exhibited by the store, they can be bought at a discount, having waited for the sale or arranged by installments.

In a mink fur coat, full, and thin, and short and tall women will always look luxurious and elegant. A mink coat is not a seasonal product. Designers can invent fur coats of different lengths and designs, decorate them with various accessories, but the mink fur will always remain itself. Compliance with manufacturing technologies, sewing and dyeing rules allows designers to create clothes that have no analogs in terms of luxury and durability. For the manufacture of such clothing, skins of minks grown in Canada and Denmark are mainly used.

You can also note the following advantages of a mink fur coat:

  • Weariness. Durability is one of the main factors that influence the choice of a customer who wants to buy a fur coat. Mink is incredibly practical in this regard. If you take care of it correctly and in a timely manner, such a thing will serve its owner for up to 20 seasons. At the same time, it will not lose its original shape and beauty.
  • Wear resistance. Mink fur is highly resistant to various mechanical influences, which can subsequently lead to bald patches and bald patches. He is also not afraid of dampness, temperature changes, direct sunlight. The pile does not fade and does not lose its rich color, even if we talk about painted models.
  • Ease. Compared to other fur coats, in particular, from long-piled fur, the burrow is considered very light, which makes its products comfortable and suitable for any weather. This feature can be explained by the absence of a thick underfur and short guard hair.