How to clean fur?

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How to clean fur?

In general, fur is quite difficult to clean. And even if you wear it very carefully, it is better to clean your fur garments at least once a year. After all, fur tends to accumulate various odors and dust.

What do you need to know when cleaning fur?

First of all, there are two ways to clean fur:

  • Professional dry-cleaning.
  • Cleaning at home.

Of course, before you clean your fur garment, keep the following points in mind:

  • type of fur;
  • fur color (dark or light);
  • the length and the texture of the pile.

It should be noted that usually professional dry cleaning is more effective than home cleaning. As a rule, in specialized companies, fur is cleaned with hydrocarbon, perchloroethylene, or silicone. It allows removing most stains without overdrying the fur.

Basic tips for cleaning fur at home

If you want to get rid of dust, sprinkle the fur with warm water and leave it to dry at room temperature.

When you spill something on your fur, place a white cotton towel over the stain. However, it is best to take your fur to a professional dry cleaner.

If you want to give your real fur a shine, apply a solution of warm water, a drop of vinegar, and lemon juice to it. After that, leave the fur to dry.

What should not be done when cleaning fur at home?

Do not wash the fur in the washing machine. After all, fur products are very sensitive to moisture. And after intense contact with water, the condition of fur may deteriorate.

Do not dry fur products at a high temperature or on the battery. Heat is another enemy of fur. Therefore, leave it to dry at room temperature.

Do not iron the fur garments. If you want to get rid of clumps and smooth your fur, it is best to use a special fur brush.

Do not clean fur with bleach or washing powder. Use only special fur shampoo.

How to clean fur?