Sable fur coats. How to make the right choice?

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Even in Ancient Russia, sable fur was considered a real treasure. Sable fur coats have long been considered a sign of good taste and wealth. Even wealthy people could not always afford to buy clothes made of precious fur. However, now sable fur has not lost its status. Fluffy and shiny, it has excellent heat resistance and durability.

The selection of sable fur coats in Russian stores is very large. So, if finances allow, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice so that you do not regret your purchase later. Sable fur is so good that even today, when there are many ways of processing fur, this material is used in its original form.

Sable coats are also fake, like mink coats. To be sure of the authenticity of your clothes, purchase fur coats from well-known manufacturers, in a specialized store with a long period of work.

Sable fur coats should not have bald spots, exude chemical odors.

The sleeve of the fur coat should be wrinkled a little to make sure that the flesh is not stiff. Hooks and buttons on a good fur coat are always tightly sewn, they work properly. The marking indicates the type of sable fur, the manufacturing company, and the lining contains a label with explanations telling about the care of the fur coat. When trying on a good fur coat, the sleeves do not turn out, the lining should not pull, the sides should not stick out in different directions. Moreover, a sable coat cannot pull off the shoulders either. This fur is very lightweight. If it seemed to you that your shoulders were heavy, it is quite possible that in front of you is a fake.

Шубы из соболя

If you decide to buy a sable fur coat, you need to know that on the market these products are presented in a fairly wide range of colors. You can choose between light sand and dark chocolate outfits. Well, for lovers of luxury, fur coats of golden and silver shades are provided.

Among the main advantages of sable fur are the following:

  • Silky feel.
  • Softness.
  • Durability.

The described material is characterized by a soft bristle that has an attractive gloss. Products made from sable fur are characterized by a fairly high resistance to wear. They will be able to serve you for about twelve seasons and not lose their appearance at all. It should be noted that sable coats are easy to restore. On them, you can mask scuffs by moving individual sections of the material. By purchasing a product made of sable fur, you can be sure that you will provide yourself with reliable protection from the cold for years to come. In addition, such a fur coat will help you always look stylish and original and, undoubtedly, cause the envious glances of passers-by.

Tips before buying a sable fur coat

It is not enough to buy a sable fur coat. It is important to learn how to wear it. A short fur coat is more suitable for a young girl. It is better to wear it with stiletto heel or platform boots, with a cropped skirt, trousers. But not with jeans. Moreover, clothes should not stick out from under the fur coat. If the product is of medium length, this rule should also be followed. Do not wear brightly printed items under sable. It is better to choose a hat from the same fur and the same color. However, those who do not like fur hats can replace them with silk scarf. From bags, it is better to prefer a leather clutch to match the boots. Gold jewelry is also suitable for the image. They will be very appropriate here.