What if the fur coat is shedding?

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Usually, a high-quality fur product serves its owner for several seasons, especially for expensive sable, mink and arctic fox fur coats. However, it may happen that the fur coat begins to climb and shed. The first step is to find out the cause of hair loss.


The quality of the product is the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a fur coat. The dream of many is to buy a sable or chinchilla fur coat, but not everyone can afford it. In pursuit of a low price, buyers forget to thoroughly check the product and become victims of an unscrupulous manufacturer.

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The fur coat sheds for several reasons:

  • Used fur of an old animal. If the wrong side (flesh) is yellow and rough, then it is better to issue a return for such a product.
  • The dyeing technology is violated. Run a damp handkerchief over the fur coat, if the fur is dyed correctly, then no trace of paint will remain on the fabric.
  • Poor quality fur. The animal could molt, get sick, or just the technology was violated. Such fur is coarse and thinned, it will break and fall out.
  • The storage conditions for the fur coat are not met.
  • After purchase, the fur may fall out at the seams. This is normal and the coat will stop shedding within a few weeks.


A fur coat damaged as a result of improper storage cannot be preserved, the fur will fade, and bald spots will appear. To prevent this from happening, follow the recommendations for care, cleaning, use of the product and follow simple rules:

  • Do not store your fur coat near heating appliances. So it is worth choosing a dark, cool place for storage, reliably protected from sunlight.
  • Use a thick cover and try not to place other items next to it. Air your fur coat during the warm season.
  • Do not overuse cleaning products, as this will thin the fur.
  • Wool does not like contact with other objects and surfaces. Hair will break and fall out in places where you carry a bag, catch on massive jewelry and crumple from sitting in a car or public transport.
  • Many furs do not tolerate moisture, protecting them from snow and rain.

Unfortunately, the molting process cannot be stopped. Therefore, if the fur coat began to crumble soon after purchase, it is better to return it to the store. Check fur before buying, keep receipts and warranty coupons for the product.

A fur coat made from quality raw materials in compliance with technology will last more than one season. Store the product correctly, take care of it and take care of it, then the fur beauty is not threatened with molting.