The essential fur care tips

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The essential fur care tips

Of course, every girl dreams of buying a fur coat. It never goes out of fashion and gives the image elegance and sophistication. Moreover, it can serve you for many years. However, in order to keep the fur in good condition as long as possible, you need to properly care for it.

After all, fur is a natural material and therefore requires special care.

Hence, fur care tips are very essential for lovers of fur coats.

How to care for your fur coat?

• Moisture and heat are enemies of fur.

First of all, try not to wear fur garments in rainy and wet weather. Besides, heat also negatively affects the condition of the fur: under its influence, the skin might have shrinkage. Therefore, store your fur coat in a cool and dry place. And also, don’t dry it on a radiator,  with a hairdryer, or an iron.

If you get caught in snow or rain, shake out the fur and hang it to dry it at room temperature.

• Avoid contact of fur with strong odors.

It worth noting that real fur absorbs various smells very easily. And subsequently, getting rid of them is very difficult. For this reason, try to avoid getting on the fur of perfumes, hairsprays, or cigarette smoke.

• Use a special comb for fur.

It is better to brush fur with a special comb with long, sparse teeth. Meanwhile, brush in the direction of hair growth, from the top to the bottom. This will prevent damage to the fur.

• Avoid friction of the fur.

Unfortunately, the fur also tends to wear away. To prevent this, try not to use shoulder bags, backpacks, watches, or other jewelry when wearing a fur coat.

The essential fur care tips

How to store a fur coat?

• In the warm season, it is advisable to store your fur coat in special cloth garment bags.

Fur absorbs dust easily. Therefore, use a cloth bag to store it. After all, air circulation is extremely important to fur. And plastic bags keep it from breathing.

It is important to add that white fur should be stored in blue bags. It will help prevent yellowing.

• Use a special hanger for storing fur.

It should be a sturdy, padded hanger. This will prevent the product from deforming and losing its shape.

The essential fur care tips
• Fur loves space.

Leave enough storage space in the closet to keep the fur fluffy.

Furthermore, now there are even special fur fridges. With their help, you can maintain the necessary temperature and conditions for favorable storage of fur coats.

• Protect fur from insects.

Unfortunately, various insects, especially moths, adore natural fur. Therefore, be sure to consider protecting your fur garment. Before putting a fur coat in a closet for a long time, use special moth repellent.

The essential fur care tips